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Thundershirt For Dogs

Parents of particularly anxious fur babies often look to the Thundershirt for dogs as a possible solution. Bunny’s Furr and Feathers FunPacks knows all too well the toll that dog anxiety can take on the family. From destructive behavior to serious health concerns, one thing is for certain: anxiety in dogs is a real problem with a real solution — dog Thundershirts.

Signs of anxiety

The signs of anxiety in dogs are hard to miss. However, if you recently adopted a new member into your family, you may be unaware that these signs are actually anxiety. They include:
  • Excessive drooling
  • Excessive panting
  • Pacing
  • Seeking out a place to hide
  • Destructive behavior
  • Barking/whining
The Thunder Jacket for dogs has been shown to help in 80 percent of pets, but before we can explain why it works, we first have to look at the triggers of anxiety. Some of the most common causes include:
  • Separation: This can happen in any dog at nearly any age. It often is common in dogs with a previous history of abuse.
  • Noise: Thunderstorms, gun shots, and fireworks can all cause anxiety in many dogs. Often, the source of the problem is a mystery, but the effects are very real.
Why the Thundershirt for dogs works:

When a dog becomes anxious, they are typically inconsolable. Some dogs are able to find “safe” places under beds, in closets and even in bathtubs. Unfortunately, while they may calm a bit, the anxiety remains until the noise or separation is gone. Our dog Thunder Shirts wrap the dog, providing a gentle, even pressure much like a hug.

Experts believe that, for the same reason swaddling a baby helps to calm it, the Thundershirt for dogs helps to calm an anxious pooch. If your fur baby is suffering from any sort of anxiety, don’t wait a moment longer to help sooth them and relieve them from this stressful condition.
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