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Subscription Boxes For Dogs

If you have been checking out pet websites online in recent months, you know that subscription boxes for dogs are the new “hot” product. This box model has been used by a variety of retailers who want to market grab-bag items to consumers of all persuasions.

You can now purchase monthly boxes for makeup, gourmet food supplies and even clothing! What if you could participate in an easy subscription service that provided you and your pet with a selection of premium dog box products every month?

That can become a reality with Bunny’s Furr and Feathers FunPacks. Dog owners everywhere are snatching up these subscription boxes for dogs, which include exciting new products for you and your pup to share.

What comes in my FunPack?

When you sign up for our monthly subscription program, you can expect to receive four to six premium dog box products in each shipment. These may include toys, treats and health care products. The exciting part about the subscription boxes for dogs is that every month provides you with a new and different surprise! Products are never repeated between boxes, which means that you have the opportunity to try a set of new and unfamiliar items every month. Our premium dog box products are a great way to learn more about industry offerings for your pet.

My dog has special health needs; can I still get the box?

Sure! Our subscription boxes for dogs are tailored for your pet’s specific needs. When you fill out your pup’s profile, you can include information about allergies, dental conditions and other individual attributes. With this information, our dedicated providers will customize products for your dog’s circumstances. So, what are you waiting for? Our subscription boxes for dogs are available in a variety of increments, allowing you to test the waters with a one-month order or receive a significant discount with a six-month plan. We can’t wait to get to know you and your pup!
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