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Oxbow Hay and Treats

Oxbow offers a variety of hay which encourages hay intake. Hay varieties help meet the nutritional needs and taste preferences of different species, personalities, life stages and sizes of animals. In addition to keeping your small pet from getting bored, feeding a variety of hay also promotes healthy eating behaviors.

Small herbivores can be as unique as their caretakers when it comes to their mealtime favorites. Some pets prefer the soft texture and sweet taste of Orchard Grass Hay. Others favor the crunchy texture and hearty flavor of Oat Hay. The balanced flavor and texture of Oxbow’s Western Timothy provides a great base for mixing with any of our many hay varieties. Try mixing it with a flavor-packed selection such as Botanical hay, or a slightly crunchier selection like Organic Meadow Hay. Western Timothy mixed with Oat Hay is another favorite combination.

Oxbow also offers a variety of healthy treats for your pocket pets.  Add some “spice” to your pet’s mealtime by mixing his/her favorite Oxbow hays and treats!

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