FunPacks - For Your Pampered Pet! 

Monthly Subscription Dog Box

A monthly subscription dog box from Bunny’s Furr and Feathers FunPacks will have your pooch waiting by the mailbox. He or she will not be waiting to pounce on the mailman, though — they’ll be waiting for their box full of goodies.

Through BFF’s FunPacks, dog owners can arrange for a surprise box of goodies to arrive via the mail every single month, giving your dog something fun to enjoy. The contents will be a surprise, but they are based on information we collect about your dog. This allows us to customize the contents of each box.

Each treat box for dogs contains a number of different things:
  • Bakery items and treats: Your fur baby will be drooling when you lift some delectable treats out of your BFF FunPack. These delicious concoctions are made with human-grade ingredients that are safe and will comply with the specified dietary needs of your pet.
  • Toys: What dog doesn’t go crazy for a new toy? Each monthly subscription dog box will contain toys that they can go nuts with. We take into account the size of your dog, so we can pick out toys that will hold up against their mighty jaws.
  • Grooming products: Each toy box for dogs is different and sometimes contain grooming products, but it’s more a gift for you. This helps you keep your dog clean and healthy. A healthy dog is a happy dog.
Are you ready to try out a treat box for dogs? It’s really easy to sign up, and you can select to receive a box once or get set up on a monthly plan. This can almost eliminate your trips to the pet store every month. We bring all the stuff you need right to your door step.

Bunny’s Furr and Feathers is a fun way to spoil your dog. A monthly subscription dog box can be just another way you show your pet you love him or her.
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