FunPacks - For Your Pampered Pet! 

Monthly Pet Box for Multiple Pet Families

At Bunny's Furr and Feathers we believe that all pets deserve to be pampered. We are one of the only monthly pet box company that provide monthly pet boxes for birds and pocket pets as well as cats and dogs. Bunny's does not want any of your pet family to be left out of the fun each month. That is why we have created the Buddy Box and the Lil Buddy Box, the perfect subscription boxes for families with multiple pets. The Buddy Box is a full-sized box for 2 pet types, each pet will receive 3 to 4 items in their FunPack. The Lil Buddy Box is designed for the 2-3 pet type family and each pet will receive 1-3 items in each box. Like our subscription boxes for the single pet, FunPacks are not "one size fits all" they are created to fit each of your pet's specific needs. Just fill out the pet profile to let us know a little about each of your pets and we all create the perfect FunPack for your pet family.

Now all your pets can join in the fun of receiving a monthly FunPack filled with treats and toys.
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