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Monthly Guinea Pig Box

You are already the ideal guinea pig owner because you provide your pocket pet with a comfortable home, delicious treats such as strawberries, and you may even make your own toys — but what if you could receive something extra special in a monthly guinea pig box?

At Bunny’s Furr and Feathers FunPacks, we know that your animal deserves only the best quality toys and treats, and we deliver them in an innovative format that is rapidly growing in popularity. Many of you may have heard about monthly subscription boxes, as they are available for everything from nail polish to spices and wines. With our guinea pig box monthly subscription, your pocket pet can get in on the action, as well.

Your monthly guinea pig box will include a surprising array of high-end toys, treats and auxiliary products designed to improve your pet’s daily life. We can’t wait to show you our stuff!

Pocket pets aren’t easy to shop for!
Buyers of our monthly guinea pig boxes know that it can be difficult to find just the right item for your pocket pet. Guinea pigs are admittedly not as popular as dogs or cats, so pet stores do not always carry an appropriate array of products to support your animal’s needs and preferences.

This is where our monthly subscription guinea pig boxes come in. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can sign up to receive incredible products designed specifically for your animal’s health and welfare. Every month, your guinea pig box monthly subscription will result in the delivery of four to six products directly to your home. Each box is customized for your animal and no two monthly boxes are alike!

Our monthly guinea pig box is perfect for pet owners who want to sample new products without committing to a massive change. Check out the newest and best toys and treats through our flexible monthly subscription plans.
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