FunPacks - For Your Pampered Pet! 

Monthly Gourmet Pet Treats

With a monthly gourmet pet box provided by Bunny’s Furr and Feathers FunPacks, your pet will be able to indulge in a nice little treat. This is a fun way to break from the normal food that they are fed every day. After all, what animal doesn’t like a tasty treat? Actually, what HUMAN doesn’t enjoy a tasty treat?

Gourmet pet treats are just one of the many funs things that come with our special packs, which you can order from our website right now. These gift boxes are shipped to your home. This service is similar to our competitors, but BFF is different for a few reasons.
  • Covering ALL pets: Ok, so maybe we don’t cater to exotic animals, but we make sure to offer monthly pet gift boxes that are designed for birds and pocket pets, like guinea pigs and ferrets. There are few, if any services, which cater to these fun animals.
  • Custom-picked goodies: We don’t just gather a bunch of generic toys and treats and throw them in our monthly gourmet pet box. In fact, using our knowledge and experience, we spend a great amount of time researching the best products on the market and including them in our FunPacks.
  • Quality customer service: We absolutely love animals, and strive to create a pet treat gift box that will really make your pet happy. This passion is shown through customer service that is always available when you need it.
Order some gourmet pet treats for your animal

Our FunPacks have toys, treats and other goodies in them. If you like what you get, just return to our website and find the product in our online store. Who knows — your animal might find a new favorite treat through one of our gift packages.

Ordering a monthly gourmet pet box is easy. Browse around our website to get started.
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