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Monthly Dog Treat Box Boxes

Ordering a monthly dog treat box can be a special way to show your fur baby that you care. Once a month, he or she will receive a box full of special goodies to pamper and treat him or her. Bunny’s Furr and Feathers FunPacks make it a point to offer an individualized dog treat subscription box to each of our customers.

What makes us special?

We have decades’ worth of experience caring for our own furry families. From dogs and cats to rabbits, ferrets, birds, and a smattering of farm animals, we’ve cared for them all and have had the pleasure of being the mommies to many. We know that monthly dog boxes should not be a one-size-fits-all format.

Your babies are just as unique as you are, and receiving products they can’t use is simply a waste of money. Not only do we test all products for quality on our own furry families, but we also take into account the unique characteristics of your dog.

What we include:

In each box, we include four to six products that range from treats to toys and even specialty foods. This gives you the opportunity to try proven, quality products that may not be available in your local stores. Each monthly dog treat box is different, so you and your pooch will be surprised with new goodies to try.

Do I have to subscribe?

Nope! If you’d like, you can order a single box, or even a single item. Many other dog treat subscription box companies require a subscription for a box to be delivered each month. We know that our customers would often like to try us out first before committing to anything, and that’s OK.

Check us out!

Browse our product pages or order your own monthly dog treat box today. We are certain you will be completely satisfied.
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