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Monthly Dog Boxes Treats

Many pet owners are turning to monthly dog boxes as an exciting way to treat their fur babies every month. With so many subscription services to choose from, how can you be sure the company you choose is right for you?

Why not invest in a company whose monthly dog treats are not only of proven quality, but whose owners personally use all their fun and delicious products? Bunny’s Furr and Feathers FunPacks offer high quality products at affordable prices that you can count on.

How it works

When you order a dog treats monthly subscription from BFF, you’ll get so much more than specialty dog treats. You will receive a customized box of four to six products each month of your subscription. These products will range from treats to toys and even care essentials.

We can individualize your box using a pet profile that you fill out for each of your pets. This ensures that you can actually use the products you receive! For example, if you have a Shih Tzu, we won’t send you an extra large dog chew toy. Or, if your dog has a gluten allergy, we’ll make sure that your monthly dog boxes only include treats that are gluten free.

The Bunny’s Furr and Feathers difference:
  • Superior customer service: If you have any questions about your monthly dog subscription, our customer service representatives will quickly and effectively resolve your concerns.
  • Quality products: Our monthly dog treats are made with human grade and certified ingredients. You can trust that the products you give your fur baby will be of the same quality as the food you would eat yourself.
Also, one of the biggest ways we stand out is that we don’t require a subscription for our monthly dog boxes. You are free to order just one, or even to just order a single product. We know that once you try our boxes, you will want to try even more.
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