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Monthly Dog Box Subscriptions

Monthly dog box subscriptions can be a great way to show your furry friends that you care. Bunny’s Furr and Feathers FunPacks specializes in box subscriptions for dog treats, toys and care essentials. Find out what makes us different from other companies that offer box subscriptions.
  • Quality: Each of our products are high quality. Our food and treat products are made of human grade, high quality ingredients that we have no problem feeding to our own beloved four-legged friends. This way, you can be sure that each of your subscriptions for dog products contains items you can trust are safe for your dogs.
  • Individualization: Most monthly dog box subscriptions operate under a one-size-fits-all mentality. In reality, one size rarely fits most, much less all. If your dog has a gluten allergy, we’ll make sure to pack gluten free treats. If he or she is 15 pounds, we will make sure that we don’t pack an extra large chew toy.
  • No subscription required: Although our box subscriptions for dog toys are affordable and convenient, we don’t require you to commit to a subscription. You are free to order a single box or even a single item, unlike other companies, which require a multi-month commitment.
  • Not just dogs: We understand many dog lovers have multiple pets. Along with your subscriptions for dog treats, you can add on a subscription for a cat box, bird box, rabbit box or more. We believe all pets deserve to be pampered.
Why trust us?

Both of our owners have been caring for furry and feathered friends for a combined total of 50 years.

We understand the special needs of a wide variety of pets and genuinely care for their well-being. We have implemented superior customer service to make sure you are satisfied with your monthly dog box subscriptions every time. Order yours today.
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