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Monthly Cat Box Subscriptions

Welcome to Bunny’s Furr and Feathers FunPacks, where ordering your feline friend one of our monthly cat box subscriptions can be a generous way to show him or her you care. We know that your cat is part of your family, and our subscriptions for cat treats can ensure that they will always feel special.

Why order subscriptions for cat products?
  • Selection: In your big box grocery stores, and even in many pet stores, it can be difficult to find a selection of cat products that are trustworthy. We know our customers want human grade quality food, organic selections, gluten free products and gourmet choices. For this reason, our monthly cat box subscriptions always contain these highly sought after products that are often hard to find in stores.
  • Convenience: Having cat products shipped right to your door each month means you don’t have to leave your home. Your little fur baby can enjoy high quality treats and toys, and you don’t have to waste gas or brave checkout lines.
  • Affordability: The more months you choose to have your subscriptions for cat toys, the more affordable each box becomes. Just like buying in bulk can save you big time, ordering more subscriptions at once will save you in the long run.
Can you justify it?

Let’s see: Is your cat like one of your children (or maybe your only child)? Do you occasionally buy yourself a candy bar or gossip magazine? How is buying subscriptions for cat treats any different than the small splurges you allow yourself or your own children?

Your cat will appreciate the new exciting products you receive every month, and you’ll enjoy watching his or her reaction to new toys and treats. Our monthly cat box subscriptions are individualized for your cat, so you don’t have to worry that you’ll get a product he or she can’t use. Order yours today.
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