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Dog Goodie Bags

If your dog has been a good boy or girl, you should reward them with our dog goodie bags from right here at Bunny’s Furr and Feathers FunPacks. We have put our own unique spin on pet subscription programs, which will provide fun and useful products that your pet will actually use.

Our goodie bags for dogs are stuffed with only the best products. We should know — we spend so much time combing the market trying to find products that you or your dog will enjoy. We are dog lovers, so we know a thing or two about what keeps these four-legged friends occupied!

What you get with your monthly subscription dog goodie bags

Whether you choose to buy one single goodie box, or have ordered a six-month subscription, you can expect a lot out of each shipment.

These surprise boxes will contain four to six products each. This includes:
  • Toys: It’s important to keep our dog goodie bags filled with worthwhile toys so your pooches won’t spend their time chewing up your carpet or furniture. We collect information about your dog and only ship size-appropriate toys.
  • Treats: Our selection of gourmet treats will have your dogs drooling like crazy. We include high-end treats in our goodie bags for dogs, made with only the safest ingredients. We even adjust for your dog’s dietary restrictions.
  • Grooming products: Pet owners usually love these products. We offer some helpful supplies that will keep your dog looking great, staying cleaning and feeling happy.
Fast, efficient service

Our shipments go out on time and our customer service team is standing by to address any of your questions or concerns. So many dog owners love our dog goodie bags that they are constantly coming back for more. We are confident you will, too.
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