FunPacks - For Your Pampered Pet! 

A Bit About Us!

Bunny's Furr and Feathers FunPacks ("BFF") is a dream come true for owners Bunny Bennett and Christina Von Toussaint.  Between the two of them, they have over fifty years of being owned by cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, guinea pigs, and a variety of farm animals.  Bunny also is a registered veterinarian technician with over 20 years veterinarian care experience. 

"The BFF concept came about because we sincerely believe that all pets deserve to be pampered, even the less traditional ones that don't bark or meow - but we don't want to exclude the barkers and meow-ers"!

BFF FunPacks are specially designed for the needs and wants of rabbits, birds, ferrets and guinea pigs.  We wanted to offer pet parents the opportunity to see the variety of top quality, treats, supplements, pet essentials, toys, etc., that are out there for their pets.  FunPacks contain not only products that are good for your pets, but are also fun for them.  We like to think of FunPacks as an opportunity to spoil your pet a little bit each month without a lot of cost, fuss, or effort on your part. 

We personally select, and research the products that we elect to include in our FunPacks each month  We do taste tests, and fun tests using our own pets as well... we wouldn't try to sell anyone something we wouldn't be willing to give to our own pets!




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