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BFF Pocket Pet Edible Surprise Pouch

BFF Pocket Pet Edible Surprise Pouch

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Your rabbit, chinchilla, guinea pig, pet rat, gerbil or hamster will love this edible bag of surprises.  Each pouch is filled with a combination of all natural, seasonal ingredients.  Just give your furry friend the whole bag and watch your BFF go crazy with delight over this awesome treat.  

The size of the pouch will vary based on the size of your pet.

 Sample Ingredients: Maple Sticks, Fruit Sticks, Okra Pods, Maypops, Timothy Grass, Oat Grass, Orchard Grass and Botanical Grass which contains a high quality mixture of timothy, chamomile, lavender, lemon balm and clover as well as other delicious grasses and herbs.   

Ingredients are seasonal and may change due to growing seasons.




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