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Human Ettiquette Tips for the Dog Park

Posted on July 29, 2014 | 1 comment

OK, you're taking Fido (original aren't I) to the dog park.  You already know all about what to do to make sure your dog is prepared for the park (vaccinations, flea / tick treatments, temperament, etc.), but what about you?  Here are some tips that dog owners should read and do while at the park.  Make this enjoyable for both of you.


  1. Before visiting a dog park, call your veterinarian to ensure your dog is current on all core immunizations and a Bordetella vaccination.
  2. Your dog should (always) be current on flea and tick preventatives (many dog parks have trees, and those pesky ticks are just waiting to find a four-legged host!
  3. Always, repeat, always pick up any feces your dog may leave behind.  Parks usually have bags and trash containers for just this purpose.  But just to be sure, bring your own. 
  4. Turn off cell phones/ipads/ipods - this is time to focus on your dog, and maybe a little interactive play.  In the event other owners aren't as conscientious as you, you'll want to keep an eye on your dog to ensure no fights, injuries, etc. occur.
  5. DO NOT BRING INTACT MALES OR FEMALES IN HEAT to the dog park - this is just asking for trouble.
  6. Unless your park has a separate park in a park for small dogs, don't bring very small breed or puppies to the park. 
  7. Watch your dog - if he's not having fun, put his leash back on, and take him for a walk outside the park.  Some dogs just want to be with mom/dad!


Thank you Drs. Mogas and Robinson at Bay Creek Animal Clinic in League City for these helpful tips!

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  • Asmaa

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the ingredients to avoid poekct list. Now my husband is gonna kill me in the morning when he wakes up and sees all this stuff i’ve printed out tonight, but all is good. I just found your website tonight thanks to beautifulbrwnbabydoll’s calendar giveaway, and i LOVE it! Keep doin’ what you do!


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