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Bath Day for Queenie

Posted on February 04, 2014 | 1 comment
Sunday was bath day for Queenie, my English Mastiff. I always bathe her outside as bathing 150 lbs of dog is much akin to washing a Mini Cooper. A cold front was moving in and I did not look forward to drenching myself nor the dog with freezing water, so I had the bright idea to bathe her in our bathtub. I get her leash, which always alerts her to the impending doom of a bath and I walked, no pulled her into the bathroom. I had my towels and bath soap ready, now all that remained was getting this beast of a dog to climb into the bathtub. Once in the bathroom I gently pull her toward the tub and indicate where I expect her to deposit her body. She looks at me as if I was quite daft and deposits her rather large bottom on the floor. Next, I decided to climb into the tub and coax her to follow me. Thirty minutes later I am still patting the side of the tub and calling in my highest and nicest voice "here Queenie, Queenie". She has not moved her massive rump in this entire thirty minutes, except to wag her tail. Realizing this approach is not going to work, I decide that I will lift her front feet and then push the hind quarters into the tub. Queenie did not get a bath today and I am now nursing a pulled back muscle.
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