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Black Friday Blues

Posted on December 01, 2013 | 0 comments

I don't know about most of you, but the day after Black Friday leaves me really blue.  I think about all the great deals I was left out of because I was too slow.  It really is the law of the jungle.  I always feel like I am watching the scene play out in slow motion.  I stand in line for hours and then the doors slowly open and the crowd starts the slow, orderly procession in the store.  It seems there is a magic line over which the customers must cross before they become beasts of the jungle. Once this line is crossed there is no more order, but pandemonium.  It is every man or woman for themselves.  I can see the item I want, but there are hundreds of people heading for the same item.  I have to think quick.  I start to gently move through the crowd, but no one moves out of my way.  More people are surrounding MY item.  I become frantic.  No more Mr. or Mrs. Nice Guy.  I shove and push through the crowd.  Most people shove back. I am almost there when the store clerk gives the OK to take one of MY items.  Just as I have my hand out to grab the treasure it is gone. Just like that!  Within a matter of seconds the floor is bare. I missed out on the best deal in the store, but wait there was another item I wanted and it hasn't been released yet.  Maybe I can make it!


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