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Tails From a Vet Tech

Posted on November 16, 2013 | 0 comments

I worked as a Vet. Tech for over 20 years and over those many years there were thousands of pets and their families through the doors.  Among those pets there were some that were memorable for one reason or another.  I decided to write about a few of those pets.

Most pets did not like coming to the vet, but there were some who made it their life mission to terrorize the entire staff. One cat stands out.  His name was Puff.  He was an enormous, long-hair white ball of fur.  Thus the name Puff, but believe me when I tell you he was not fluffy and sweet.  Puff had a liver disorder and had to be seen in the clinic on a regular basis. His owner had to bring welding gloves just to remove him from his carrier.  Puff was an equal opportunity biter.  Usually two or three times a year he would have to stay at the clinic for treatment.  The entire staff knew to beware of Puff's cage.  You did not walk close to the cage as he took great pleasure in grabbing you with his claws and sinking his teeth into whatever body part he was lucky enough to snare.  Puff passed many years ago, but I will always remember the havoc wrought on our clinic by this massive cat.

One of the cutest pets we saw was a little Cockateil, named Max.  This little cutie would whistle theme song to The Bridge Over The River Kwai while he danced a jig.  We boarded Max while his owners would vacation.  We always looked forward to his stays as he would make us all smile at his antics.

My favorite story is also a personal story.  One day a client brought in a scared, skinny Mastiff for euthanasia.  I asked why she was having him put down and she informed me that he had heart worms.  I don't know why but I had an immediate connection to this big boy and asked her if I could have him.  My husband reluctantly agreed, I named him Atlas.  My husband made the stipulation that after he recovered from the heart worm treatment he would have to be an outside dog.   Atlas received the treatment and was pronounced healthy enough to go outside.  We put him in the back yard and he did his business and then as usual came to the back door to come inside.  He quietly sat and watched until my husband could not stand it any longer.  Atlas came inside and only left our sides when he crossed over the rainbow bridge.  He lived to be 13 years old and was our best friend.  There is not a day goes by that I don't miss him and he passed away over 10 years ago.

i loved my job at the clinic and still think about the many pets that crossed my path.  Each one memorable in their own special way.



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